Participants will be responsible for their own accommodation arrangements.

There is a range of hotel accommodation in Naples suitable for all budgets. However, due to high demand in December, the local organisers advise participants to make their reservation as early as possible.

The local organizers have secured a number of rooms with the below hotels. Please contact them directly through the email provided using the booking code to receive the discounted price. 

Contacts: T +39 081

Individual room: €130.00  (breakfast included)        

  • Hotel Rex *** -  Via Palepoli, 12, 80132 Naples -  << FULLY BOOKED >>  

Contact: T +39 081 7649389; 

Individual room: € 80.00  (breakfast included)


Contact: T +39 081 7640666; 

DUS Classic room: € 165.00  (breakfast included)

Contact: T. +39 081 7970001 ; 

DUS Deluxe: € 109.00 (breakfast included)
Double Deluxe: € 129.00 (breakfast included)

Contact: T. +39 081416500 ;  
Single Classic: € 111.00 (breakfast included)
Double Classic: € 120.00 (breakfast included)


Useful sites when looking for accommodation (often budget) in Naples:

How to get to Naples

Reaching us is not too difficult, as there are many ways to this splendid city. Thanks to its strategic position, Naples can be easily reached by air, by sea and over land. 

The following pages give information on the main means of transport, timetables and websites of travel companies that provide travel links from and to the city:

  by air                by sea              by land


Naples Capodichino airport is located about 10 km from downtown, approx. 30 minutes by taxi or bus. The taxi stand is located outside Terminal 1. Alternatively you can call +39 081/5707070. If you choose to catch a taxi, ask the driver to apply the fixed rate from the airport to Via Partenope before boarding the vehicle. To check the taxi fares visit Taxi rates.

Immediately outside Terminal 1 (where all incoming flights land) you will find the Alibus: this coach takes passengers to the center of Naples and stops at both Piazza Garibaldi (near Central Railway Station) and Piazza Municipio. Tickets are available on board at € 4.00. 

In and Around Naples

The most convenient way to move around Naples is the Metro. In addition, there are many bus lines and taxis.

More information about metro/bus tickets & the railway network can be found to the links below:

Taxi services in Naples operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are many taxi stands around the city. Besides it is for sure the fastest way to move around the city as taxis may drive on reserved lanes. You can call +39 0812222 or +39 0818888 or +39 0101 or +39 0815707070  for a scheduled pick-up. Further Information to the link below:

Taxi in Naples

Map of the City and Public Transports

 You can download a copy of the maps:

Map of Public Transports.pdf